AGM of the Federation of Amateur Muaythai Asia
AGM of the Federation of Amateur Muaythai Asia

Today the AGM of the Federation of Amateur Muaythai Asia met to make plans for the next two years of the amateur muaythai calendar in Asia. Representatives from each muaythai federation in Asia attended the morning meeting, held at the event hotel during the Asian Muaythai Championships. The meeting was hosted by Mr Wu Wei Keung, president of the Macau Muaythai Association. He welcomed everyone to the event, and accepted their thanks for the wonderful tournament which all the athletes are really enjoying.

Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, president of IFMA also welcomed the participants. Mr Dato Shah (Malaysia), vice-president of FAMA opened proceedings by discussing the on-going tournament which he stated is going very well from all points of view. He said this is the first tournament for some years focused on Asian athletes independently of multi-sport games, and that it is a positive step for the development of the sport in this region.

Mr Mervyn Tan (FAMA general secretary) was also in attendence and spoke on some technical issues concerning rule-changes.

Arafura Games presentation for 2019

Most of the speakers addressed the future events awaiting athletes on this teams. Ms Abby Nelson, a referee from Australia, spoke on the Arafura Games. The Games take place in April 2019, and are the first qualifier for The World Games 2021 for muaythai.

General Manguelod from The Philippines spoke on the preparations for The SEA Games next year in his home country.

Yasar UAE Vice President preparing to present on the 2019 Championships in UAE
Yasar UAE Vice President preparing to present on the 2019 Championships in UAE

And in an exciting development Vice-President Yasar of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) muaythai federation confirmed they will host the 2019 Asian Championships. Details will be available soon on the FAMA website.

IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox also addressed the meeting, on the above games and also on the Road to Birmingham which muaythai enters very soon. He explained how the points system will work, a system which will be shortly published in detail to all federations.

Questions were raised from the floor on many issues as everyone wants to make sure their athletes are ready, and doing the right thing. Some conversations carried on from the commitment at the Athletes Forum yesterday on anti-doping and clean sport.

The meeting was adjourned on a positive note, with great plans laid for the next 24 months.

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