Muaythai has a saying “we would rather lose in honour than win in dishonesty…” and fair play is one of the five pillars of Muaythai. It is important that all stakeholders in Muaythai are a part of this, and it must be ensured that athletes, coaches, doctors, and others of the entourage are sure that the winner is the real winner.

IMG_0001-300x372This is why IFMA is fully compliant with the WADA code, and at the same time believes that prevention is the cure. Workshops are organized for the athletes, team managers and doctors. At the same time, strict action will be taken against violators. IFMA will continue to ensure that judging and refereeing is done at the highest level, officiating is fair, and the right hand is lifted. IFMA has also published its own manual on anti-doping and over 5,000 books have been distributed to the national federations.

Honesty is very important and Sport Integrity plays an important part. Regular workshops take place around the world with all stakeholders of IFMA on WADA anti-doping, SportAccord on sport integrity and illegal betting. IFMA is proud to be the first federation to have launched the Real Player program, and every athlete competing must complete the program.