More than 100 muaythai practitioners arrived in Antalya from all around Turkey to attend the seminar organised with one of the most decorated coaches in IFMA history, Pavel Yevtushenko from Ukraine who was awarded Coach of the Year 2015.

Mr. Yevtushenko arrived in Turkey with the team of his top coaches and officials on functional preparation of athletes, national coaches, and Head Referee of the Ukrainian Muaythai Federation to cover all aspects of the sport. 

The program included sharing best practices on how the Ukrainian national teams do the warm-up, preparation to the main training process, main striking techniques, and other interesting topics covering the different stages of the Ukrainian team methodology to prepare for the IFMA tournaments.

A special focus on the youth included a segment where Mr. Yevtushonko shared the processes involved during the final stages of preparation for the World Championships.

Mr. Yevtushenko said ” I am happy to see so many youths eager to learn new techniques and styles, and this hunger for knowledge explains why Turkey is one of the top ranked countries in IFMA.”