European Championships in Paris was an outstanding event in many aspects. Media coverage and public attention was record breaking with the Local Organisers making daily highlights, IFMA media team working overtime, and spectators and athletes sharing daily events on their social media spreading the word about the European Championships way beyond France.

The Refugee Team was one of the highlights of the European Championships getting more than 40,000 hits in IFMA social media. Mahmut Davlatov became a true inspiration to all participants showing that where there is a will there is a way, and any obstacles can be taken with clear goals.

European Muaythai Championships was covered in French, Spanish, English and Russian languages which let a much wider international audience follow the event, and be part of discussion and sometimes even debates on every day of competition.

Each day of the championships was covered by 2 daily video highlights squeezing more than 5 hours of bouts, training, and interviews into exciting clips which made muaythai competitors true stars putting them in the focus of TV and photo cameras. Traditionally IFMA YouTube Channel broadcasted each day of the Championships with a total of 200,000 views. It’s another record for a continental event. gave an amazing opportunity to every single person in the world to follow the result of each bout and even round live which truly gave a feeling of presence no matter where you are; in Sydney or New York. is a truly powerful tool, and is the Tomorrow of IFMA; it gives opportunity to follow, share each result, see medal table, and access any athlete and her result and be part of each bout.

Muaythai truly goes in a lockstep with the digital age, and for the upcoming events in Cancun, Prague, Bangkok and many more IFMA has so much to offer to those who like to be connected online and be part of IFMA events!