Paris will the host for the 2017 European Championships. The “City of Love” is expected to be announced as the host for the 2024 Olympic Games at the upcoming IOC Congress in Lima. Around 40 countries are expected to participate at these championships which will be the first European championships since IFMA gained recognition by the International Olympic Committee.


The Technical Director of IFMA, Mr Dmitry Putilin has been working closely with the FFKMDA, under the Presidency of Mr Nadir Allouache and his team, together with the European Coordinator Gleb Kalita.

The IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox travelled to Paris for the final coordination meeting and he is happy with all the preparations that have been done for the upcoming event. The General Secretary said “This is not just a sport event, many meetings have been scheduled to strategise the development of muaythai in Europe as well as an EMF/IFMA joint meeting..”