sergey-bubka-meets-european-muaythai-federation-president-1One of the most successful Olympians of all time, Sergei Bubka, who is also an IOC executive board member and President of the Ukrainian National Olympic Committee, visited the president of the European Muaythai Federation Gennadiy Turkhanov who is also the mayor of the city of Odessa.

Mr. Bubka congratulated Mr. Turkhanov and the entire muaythai family of IFMA with the recognition by the IOC, which confirmed that IFMA and muaythai has, over years of hard work fulfilled the 54 point criteria the IOC set for recognition.

Mr. Bubka also stated that Muaythai has become a recognisable and credible member in the Olympic family also with recognition by IWGA, FISU and inclusion in the 2017 World Games, under patronage of the IOC, as a full medal sport. Mr. Bubka said that recognition by the IOC has so many benefits for IFMA but also brings even more responsibilities for IFMA, especially the athletes.

Mr. Turkhanov then thanked Sergey Bubka for all the support he has given to muaythai and IFMA, and for being such a great ambassador for sport in general as an executive board member of the IOC.


As a true Olympian and multiple olympic champion, the IOC executive board member then stepped into the ring, congratulating all the Ukrainian athletes in his capacity as NOC president of Ukraine, reminding them to continue to promote the Olympic Values. As Ukraine has some of the strongest athletes in the IFMA family, Ukraine is looking forward to many muaythai competitions, especially the 2017 World Games under the patronage of the IOC.