The Egyptian Muaythai Federation which is fully recognised by the highest sports authority has organised the finals of the national championships to qualify a team participating in the upcoming IFMA Youth World Championships.

170 athletes from all regions of Egypt made it to the finals. The 3-day finals took place in the international stadium in Cairo and was televised around the country. Many VIPs from the National Olympic committee (NOC) and sports ministry came to support the event, talent and youth of Egypt.

President of the Egyptian Muaythai Federation, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim stated: “This event was very important, as it was conducted under the highest restrictions to ensure the well-being and safety of all participants. The finals saw fantastic performances in muaythai, wai kru and mai muaythai. The opening and closing ceremonies blended sport with Egyptian’s cultures and traditions.”

Vice President of the federation, Mr. Muhammad Ramzy stated: “Egypt is a country with ancient history and traditions like muaythai, a combat sport and martial arts steeped in ancient traditions. Muaythai in Egypt has become very popular and we will continue with with our work in youth development mixing sporting and cultural exchange, education, fun and friendship.”