East Asian Championships took the central stage in the IFMA calendar in between the World Championships and the upcoming event in Korea, Turkey and Belarus.

Hong Kong has shown the world that they can hold event of the highest standard. A beautiful set up and the venue was build for the athletes of participating countries of Philippines, Malaysia, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Macau, Japan to compete for the title of the region’s champion.

The President of the Hong Kong Muaythai Federation Mr. Sam Chau Chiu Yin set up a truly impressive competition, and the Asian countries are looking forward to join the event next year.

Hong Kong became the best team winning 4 gold medals, but the fact that the gold medals traveled to Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Mongolia again is a testimony of the universality of Muaythai. The struggle for the Best Team award was going to the last bout as Malaysia and Philippines won three golds each. A truly thrilling rivalry shown by IFMA athletes.

Mr. Yin stated that they will continue to be inviting South Asian national Muaythai teams to Hong Kong to let them be the best version of themselves and excel in the field of play through muaythai.