The Dimitris Tofalos National Indoor Sports Hall was the center of the world of muaythai and what a day it was! The atmosphere was electrifying!

Incredible performances by all athletes, breathtaking cultural performances and the friendly rivalry between all the fans was once again, an example of fair play and the spirit of sport.

There were far too many outstanding fights. In the female division athletes from Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand, Philippines, Finland, Canada, Portugal, Italy, AIN and Estonia all booked their place in the next round.

In the male division, Norway, AIN, USA, Moldova, Iraq, France, Turkmenistan, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Germany, Peru, Czech Republic, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Croatia, Thailand, Greece, Algeria, Israel, Switzerland, Portugal, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all of them had their hands risen proudly and advanced into the next round of combat.

The event, televised in over 200 countries, sparked a muaythai buzz with record numbers in many countries which shows the popularity of the sport.