The second competition day gave the audience an amazing fighting experience as the elite male athletes entered the ring to showcase their skills.

In 60 kg division Nicholas Bryant (SWE) could not continue his sensational streak after he won the Thai superstar Wiwat Khamta in Bangkok. Young (BLR) Daniil Yermolenka (19) made an amazing effort winning all three rounds. It was a true surprise for the Swedish team and an amazing moment for the Belarus crowd which sent a roaring cheer to Daniil who moves to the semifinal in the European Muaythai Championships 2019.

The host and one of the biggest hopes of Belarus Muaythai Dzimitry Varatz got to action on the second day of the European Championships against Alexey Barylko (RUS).
Alexey was supercharged to challenge Dzimitry and had a strong opening delivering powerful kicks which surprised to Dzimitry. The Belorussian had to ignite his defense skills, maximizing the mid first round. Dzimitry evened the round using his experience and finishing his bout with a confident win 30:27. The Belorussian goes to the semifinals of the tournament.
Speth Follows Varatz to the Semifinal

It was a shootout of knees and elbows throughout the first and second round of he bout between Norbert Speth (HUN) and Mataz Pultarazinkas (LTU) where the Lithuanian made the Hungarian camp worry as Norbert for the second bout in a row loses the first round.
But that world knows Speth for adding in speed in power in each following round and that’s what happened in this fight with Norbert switching the second gear with his his blows landing all over Mataz who couldn’t block all of them.
In the third round it was a obvious advantage of Hungarian Muaythai personified by one of the most spectacular athletes of the Modern Muaythai Norbert Speth who moves to the semifinal of the European Muaythai Championships 2019


Kulebin Moves First And Wins
The spectators were waiting for one of the main fights of the night as the Belarus emperor Andrey Kulebin entered the ring accompanied by the chants of a force of 4000 spectators.
It was an Azerbaijani Tahmasib Kerimov who challenged Andrey in his own kingdom and his bravery was even appraised by the crowd sending him a round of applause.
Andrey took control over the bout using his famous sweeps and powerful kicks.
Kulebin made his statement of intent for the highest result finishing this bout ahead of time.