The Vĩnh Phúc Sporting Hall was bustling with spectators for the first day of the muaythai combative competition. The fans have been eagerly waiting for the commencement of the muaythai competition at the 31st SEA Games, especially in Vietnam, where muaythai is very popular. The National Federation of Vietnam has put in so much preparation for this week.

The crowd has been super enthusiastic with media covering every corner of the field of play. The athletes really are stars of the event which is in line with IFMA’s philosophy of putting the athletes at the center. The VIP section was filled with sporting celebrities from the National Olympic Committees.

The most exciting match of the day came from the home team’s Huynh Hoang Phi of Vietnam and Cambodia’s Rith Sok in the 54kg Senior Male Elite division. The fans were up out of their seats as Huynh’s timed push kicks and explosive cross went toe to toe against Rith’s explosive roundhouse kicks and skilled clinch. It was Huynh who edged out Cambodia round by round to secure his place in the semi-finals.

The results of today’s opening quarter finals are as follows:

Rudzma Abubakar (PHI) vs Panny Soukkhaseum (LAO) – Rudzma Abubakar (PHI) wins

Chandeng Chha (CAM) vs Kullanat Aonok (THA) – Kullanat Aonok (THA) wins

Huynh Hoang Phi (VIE) vs Rith Sok (CAM) – Huynh Hoang Phi (VIE) wins

Sakchai Chamchit (THA) vs Soulikone Mingbouppha (LAO) – Sakchai Chamchit (THA) wins

Bora Khun (CAM) vs Kabilan jelevan A L Thiagar (MAS) – Bora Khun (CAM) wins

Ananthasak Souliyavong (LAO) vs Chonlawit Preedasak (THA) – Chonlawit Preedasak (THA) wins

Nidal Mahmoud (MAS) vs Thotsaphon Saophanao (THA) – Thotsaphon Saophanao (THA) wins

The rest of the quarter finals and semifinals will take place this afternoon! We understand that not everyone can be part of this event but don’t miss the action everyday live on the IFMA Facebook page: .

Join in and support the athletes from the South East Asian Countries of the world!