Over the past eleven weeks, the Ashgabat 2017 Organising Committee have met with the 116 volunteers weekly and have trained them in specific roles covering areas such as Athlete Services, Field of Play, Sport Equipment, Training Venue, Sport Information and International Delegates/Technical Offices to work the Muaythai competition.


The volunteers have undergone some basic training and have been given knowledge for their specific tasks and assigned roles according to their individual strengths and talents. The AIMAG2017 Volunteer programme gives the Turkmenistan youth the ideal opportunity to interact with teams and participants from all across the region, and the chance to gain valuable experience in the field of sport event organisation, hospitality and a variety of aspects for event management and coordination.

The Muaythai Sport Competition Manager Scott Novack said “We feel we are Games ready with this group of volunteers and look forward to the competition!”