The IFMA championships is just over 2 weeks away and athletes from all five continents are ready to travel to the historical city of Minsk, the heart of Belarus. The event which is organized by the Belorussian government, Sports and Tourism Ministry; supported by the National Olympic Committee of Belarus and under the sanctioning of the Belorussian National Federation.

HE Minister of Sport Mr. Aleksandr Shamko stated –
Preparations are going well and Belarus is very excited to make history by hosting the first World Championships after Muaythai’s IOC recognition.
General Yuriy Karaev Chairman of the Belorussian Muaythai Federation stated –
This event is more than just a sporting event, it is a cultural and sporting exchange, athletes coming together to celebrate the spirit of sport and many cultural activities.
IFMA President, Dr Tapsuwan stated –
It will be a proud moment for all athletes. For the first time, walking into the arena as an IOC recognised sport and now more than ever, the Olympic values will shine on and off the field of play.
IFMA Athletes Commission Chair, Janice Lyn, stated –
For many the journey will not end in Belarus and it will be the last qualifier for the upcoming World Games under patronage of the IOC and all countries will send their elute athletes to Poland
IFMA Sport Director will do a briefing later in the week for all the press on all final activities, conferences and cultural programme for the 10 days.