Muaythai in China has become one of the most popular combat sports and this is a truly important cooperation between IFMA, Chinese Wushu Association, the National Olympic Committee.
IFMA executive board member, Zhou Jin Biao stated that especially in the last 6 years the number of the gyms has doubled. The World Combat Games 2010 in Beijing in which muaythai was one of the most popular sports have helped in this popularity.
The president of the Chinese Olympic Committee Mr Peng Liu, in a joint meeting stated that the cultural links between Chinese wushu and muaythai go back for many hundreds of years, and that both martial arts follow ancient traditions and values.


China is competing in all IFMA events, world championships, Asian Beach Games, Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games, World Combat Games, and now is striving for qualification sport for 2017 World Games. IFMA is solely recognised in China and the Chinese team will send a strong delegation to the IFMA World Championships in Sweden and the Asian Bach Games in Vietnam under the NOC China.