Muaythai is booming in China with 1,000’s of muaythai gyms opening around the country over the last few years. Many fitness enthusiasts have also started muaythai as part of the cross fit muaythai crossover and many established fitness centres are now offering muaythai in personal training.

The World Muaythai Council and IFMA many years ago established a special muaythai fitness pad work out which has been adopted by many leading fitness institutes.
A special Chinese instructor course was held in Bangkok lead  by muaythai personality Hannarong and his team, a former champion who has gained world wide fame as one of the head coaches in the Contender and the award nominated Challenger Muaythai.
The 3 day course took the fitness instructors through a pad workout, how to correctly use focus pads and the best ways to avoid sustaining injuries for both client and trainer.
Ji Guangjian who lead the Chinese group stated that all the muaythai enthusiasts now have a legitimate curriculum and understanding to go back to China and have not only knowledge but also credibility.
The following trainers were in attendance

Mr. Ren Xichen

Mr. Gao Hao

Mr. Li Yuansheng

Mr Wang Zidong

Mr Chen Chuangli

Miss Ka Man Shirley

Mr Wang Shengtao

Mr Zhou Zheng

Mr Pan Ziyi

Mr A Burenqingzhaxi

Mr Bai Peng

Mr Yang Chaoping