Children’s Day is a special celebration commemorated on various days in different countries around the world. The purpose of the celebration is to recognize the importance of children in our national and global society. In Thailand, Children’s Day is a national observance widely celebrated in Thailand, especially by government agencies and educational institutions. It is known by Thai locals as ‘Wan Dek,’ is celebrated in Thailand. This day is celebrated on the second Saturday of January in the most colorful and insightful ways. Thai children generally receive presents, awards, extra attention and teachings from their parents, teachers and other adults on Wan Dek.

Last weekend IFMA celebrated Children’s Day in Thailand and around the world. Nimibutr Stadium was filled with fun activities for the kids and youth performances from the National Youth Muay Boran and Kita Muaythai Teams.

In Belgium, the Belgian Muaythai Federation held their Open Belgian Youth Muaythai Championship organised in Gent at the beautiful Kuipke. 443 youth between the ages of 10-17 years of age took part in this celebration with 1300 spectators. Countries included Holland, Germany, Poland and France. Presidents from the Holland and Polish Federations were present to support.

The Belgium Muaythai Federation, recognized by their National Olympic Committee, is one of IFMA’s leading federations for youth and grassroots development. Team Belgium is gearing up their youth for a successful showing for the upcoming Youth World Championships which will be coming back to the Motherland this year.

The Kazakhstan Muaythai Federation also took part in celebration of their youth in the western region of Kazakhstan for the “Golden Mongkon Tournament” held in Samara last weekend.

Congratulations to all the athletes who took part and the Kazakhstan Muaythai Federation, one of IFMA’s founding members recognized by the National Olympic Committee, who continue to be leaders of grassroots and youth development in muaythai.

To IFMA’s Youth of the World, we cannot wait to greet you in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, for the 2024 IFMA Youth World Championships!