When IFMA in 2016 decided to give the 2018 World Championships to Cancun, the Mexican Muaythai Federation, under the presidency of the amazing Elisa Salinas, received standing ovation from over 100 national federations in attendance.

The event, less than 2 months away, will be held in one of the most beautiful beach resorts and will have around 100 National Federations participating from all five continents. IFMA Sport Director, Ms. Charissa Tynan, highlights the fact that efforts have been made for the last two years to strengthen muaythai in the Pan-American federation under the presidency of Ms. Salinas.

Nearly 20 countries from the Pan-american region will participate, which is a new record for the IFMA World Championships and is very much in line with the strategic plan of IFMA to ensure that all five continents are equally strong.