The International Testing Agency (ITA) was set up in response to the IOC’s recognition that an independent anti-doping agency was needed. The ITA’s goal is to ensure independent state of the art education programmes are designed and delivered to all sport stakeholders. The ITA aims to fight doping and protect clean sports, their athletes, international and national organisations, events and event organisers. Becoming fully operational in June 2018, the ITA has become world leaders in delivering anti-doping programmes for sport.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ITA has gone virtual, rolling out 5 webinars covering key anti-doping topics. The best part about this is these seminars are FREE!

Believing in Integrity, Excellence and Equality the ITA has launched the delivery of a public webinar series – Clean Sport. The series aims to continue to raise awareness around the importance of clean sports and clean athletes. The most exciting aspect of this series of webinars is that they are delivered to athletes, by athletes. However, athletes are not the only ones who will benefit from watching these informative online seminars, support personnel and sports organisations themselves will also benefit by sharing these informative webinars with their athletes, officials and governance teams.

The ITA has entered a collaboration with Informed Sport which encompasess a global testing and certification programme on sport supplements. They inform athletes on sport supplements to reduce the probability of an athlete ingesting substances from the WADA prohibited list. Their sponsorships of the Clean Sport webinars will ensure athletes will continue to have access to free information and education on anti-doping.

“Supplements are a reality of modern sport at all levels, and through our agreement with the ITA we are looking to provide additional guidance to athletes on how to minimize any risks and improve decision making around supplements use.”
Terence O’Rorke
Informed Sport

Guest athletes, experts, the ITA education staff joined the online audience of athletes, athletes support personnel, federation members (international and national as well as interested medical staff  jointly discussed future topics and questions that need to be explored. It is these topics that the ITA are planning to cover throughout 20201 in their bid to deliver continuous, relevant and up to date information on how we can work together to make our sports clean and to protect them now and into the future.

“This is an opportunity for the global anti-doping community to connect, learn and discuss key topics and important issues”
Christine Girard
Olympic bronze and gold medalist in weightlifting

View the first webinar (Jan 2021):

“Set up for a successful year – Tips on navigating the anti-doping system” on the ITA YouTube Channel