2019 has been one of the busiest years in IFMA calendar with so many events letting the senior athletes excel in the ring and gain qualification points for the World Games 2021, Birmingham. For the youth there have been many bright moments with Turkey Youth World Muaythai Championships 2019 being the main highlight of the year.

With two months left before the year’s break IFMA athletes will have three major events where they can reveal their skills and put their names out for the IFMA medalists lists.


European Muaythai Championships 2019, Minsk Belarus, 3-11 November will open the Muaythai Autumn and the Minsk Palace of Sport will again open its doors for IFMA athletes. After the grand European Olympic Games Minsk truly gained the fame of European sports capital.

National Teams are already registering their athletes and the team rosters will be soon announced for the public. The fact that the European Muaythai Championships are the official qualifier for the World Games 2021 gives confidence that the Belarus audience will see the top athletes travelling to Minsk to ensure their spot for Birmingham.



South East Asian Games 2019, Manila, Philippines will feature Muaythai from 3 to 8 December. More than 8000!! Athletes are going to participate in the games making it the biggest ever edition. The NOC Philippines supported by the highest governmental authorities truly do an amazing job bringing the best experience to athletes of all participating sports.

The scale of the event speaks for itself with 2,050 technical officials, 1,500 press and media attendees; 12,000 volunteers; targeting more than 500 million viewers the SEA Games will truly be seen from the sky and Muaythai athletes will definitely try to be noticed delivering bright performance in the field of play.

Asian Muaythai Championships 2019, 17-22 December, will conclude the year for IFMA with Abu Dhabi taking the focus of the Asian and world Muaythai community. UAE truly made an impressive progress over two years making competition to many established IFMA athletes. A range of events organised by the UAE Muaythai promises a wonderful experience for all the teams who will visit the amazing Emirates.


As an Olympic recognised sport IFMA is truly growing in all continents and events organised in so many parts of the world give chance to so many youth become their dream selves. This is a true essence of IFMA work and its pillars: Honour, Respect, Tradition, Excellence, Fair Play.