Former IFMA World Champion and multiple WMC Champion Buakaw Banchamek, will be back in action in the beginning of next month against China’s Yi-Long, also known as the Shaolin Monk in a highly anticipated matchup that promises to electrify the audience.

Yi Long is an experienced fighter who has already faced other Muaythai superstars from Thailand like Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee. Buakaw will be the clear favorite going into the fight with over 300 fights under his belt as well as multiple WMC Muaythai Championship titles, but Yi Long will be looking to show up and give Buakaw a run for his money, especially with the home field advantage of the Chinese supporters.

Buakaw is one of the many superstars like Paul Slowinski, Artem Vakhitov, Andrei Kulebin, Dzianis Hancharonak, Artem Levin and so many others who started their careers in IFMA. They all became multiple champions in IFMA before they moved on to became WMC Champions and joined other event series.


These superstars have paved the way and made their way up from amateur competitions like National championships, Continental and World Championships, showing the younger fighters how to move forward in the sport.

Only IFMA can give the athletes the chance to fight at Olympic patronized events and the chance to be with other Olympic recognized Martial arts in competitions such as the Indoor Asian games, Asian Beach games, TAFISA Sport for All, Arafura and certainly other IOC Recognized events such as the World Combat Games and the World Games, and more recently, FISU World Championships.

This is the difference and this is why all the superstars compete in IFMA for example when it comes to IOC Recognized events. They are also able to join Television shows such as Contender and Emmy nominated reality shows like The Challenger, participate in the WMC world events and have the foundation to join other shows around the world.