This day has come when the youth from 75 countries could march proudly with their flags as the Youth World Championships 2019 was about to be announced open.
The official venue of the event was a beautiful amphitheater where more than a thousand participants arrived to celebrate sport, youth and cultural exchange. The full house cheered to athletes chosen to bear the national flag and the audience burst into applause as the hosts entered the hall and hundreds of participants cheered the Turkish flag.

The President of the Turkish Muaythai Federation Mr. Halil Durna went to the stage to welcome all participants and thanked IFMA for bringing so many youth to Turkey. IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan congratulated Mr. Durna as well as the Vice President Mr. Hasan Yildiz who was the driving force behind the local organising committee of the event.
The IFMA Anthem followed the speeches and spectators could see the first historical footage of their preparation and arrival to the event which will stay in history as record breaking number of 1300 participants was announced to all the audience.

An amazing performance of the cultural part followed the official part with sabres and swords depicting cultural elements of more than 2000 year old Turkish history.

5 days of competition will now follow where athletes can focus on competing and growing in sport.