Belarus celebrating winning the Best Team 2017 Award

Belarus announced their team for the World Championships 2018. The team is strong as always with team leaders like Alena Leshkevich, Andrey Kulebin, Dmitry Varats, Vital Hurkou, Yevgeni Volchek who are all world’s class athletes. Leshkevich, Varats, and Hurkou are current world champions and will defend their titles in Cancun. Andrey Kulebin is going to be hungry for international victories after missing his native world championships in Minsk. The world will see the return of the Belarus Bullet shooting back into action in 71 kg division. 

Yevgeni Volchek doing Wai Kru at the World Muaythai Championships 2017 in Minsk, Belarus

Many teams promise a tough competition in Mexico for the undefeated Alena Leshkevich who reigns in 45 kg division. Alena is going to Mexico to take the challenge and again compete for her consecutive gold medal.

Belarus team will miss such important team members like Dmitry Valent, and Andrey Herasimchuk who were shining in Minsk helping Belarus win the Best Team award. Growing generation of athletes will be trying to fill shoes of the champions and it will be an excellent chance for Nikita Shostak to reveal his potential in 81 kg to the world and Belarus national coach.

Mexico is looking forward to seeing the powerhouse of European Muaythai and bouts of Belarus athletes will be definitely on the top of spectators’ agenda.

Photo credit: Arthur Mazur