Belarus NOC meeting(11)

The Belarus Muaythai Federation has received full support from the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus which is Presided by the country President Alexander Lukashenko.
IFMA Secretary General Stephan Fox, the Chairman of the Belarus Muaythai Federation General Yuriy Karaev, and Vice President of Belarus Muaythai Federation Anatoliy Simonchyk met the Secretary General of the Belarus NOC Anatol Kotau, and shared with him his vision for the World Championships, its cultural, and educational elements. Stephan Fox said that IFMA wished to ensure that the entire world would speak about the World Championships and Minsk long after the closing ceremony. He also stated that it would be a historical event, as Minsk will hold the first Muaythai World Championships as an Olympic recognised sport.16558947_1352980461398864_2123460940_n
Mr. Kotau gave the IFMA delegation and Minsk LOC a tour of the impressive premises of the NOC, and IFMA can only commend the way sport is presented in Belarus; the way the NOC is planned, and the achievements Belarus has made in the world of sport in recent years.

IFMA is looking forward to see all its members arriving in the historical city of Minsk, as there is no doubt that this year will see a record number of participantsю This will also be the last qualifier for the World Games 2017 and last chance for athletes to book their ticket to Wroclaw.

To all the athletes of the World Championships good luck and 3-13 May will be a time for you to shine!!