The host of the World Muaythai Championships 2017, the Belarus Muaythai Federation was honoured by the recognition of the National Olympic Committee and joined the elite sports community.

The Vice President of the Belarus Muaythai Federation Anatoliy Simonchyk said that it was an honour they have strived for, and the status of muaythai will now be given an even higher boost in Belarus. We are happy that for the upcoming World Games 2017 in Wroclaw we will go as a member of an Olympic delegation.

Anatoliy Simonchik

Belarus has long proved that muaythai is a sport practiced by all walks of life, muaythai athletes are true public figures which with their actions make a difference in lives of the youth, people with special needs, and everyone where the sport can reach.

The World Championships in Minsk will be held in true Olympic spirit and the support of the NOC is again the best testimonial for it.