The IFMA bidding commission has just released the names of the 3 cities chosen have the right to host the final 2016 qualification event for the World Games 2017. Today the name of the cities have been released. They are Bangkok, Kazan and Singapore. As in every IFMA event, a lot of bidding criteria goes into consideration having the athletes at heart, such as sport venues, visas, accommodation, food, sustainability, social activities etc.

It is important for IFMA events that a legacy stays behind. The foundation of IFMA is based on respect, fair play, tradition, honour and excellence. These foundations are also expected from the candidate cities to respect each other in the decision.
IFMA ensures fair play is very well practiced by the evaluation commission, the IFMA executive and the host city so ethics and integrity are the key factors before the decision is made. Good luck to the final 3 cities.