Muaythai on the move in Australia!

The Australian National muaythai championships were held recently to qualify a team for the IFMA World Championships, and had the biggest number of entries in their history.

On the day, the competition even had to start earlier than traditionally due to the high number of entries. Australia always sends a huge team to the Youth Championships, and now it seems that enthusiasm and growth has spread to the senior division.

The team always travels with a mascot, a large toy wombat known as Boris Muaythai. Boris is a frequent visitor to the ring, and always in the ring when results are announced.

President of Muaythai Australia Peter Boyd said he was proud of the athletes who put in such an effort to shine on the day, and he is sure that the team will continue to do as well on the stage in Mexico in May.

He paid tribute to the hard work of all the coaches and staff in organising the day, with male, female and youth athletes taking part.

Among the athletes qualifying for places on the national team was Jasmine Parr, daughter of world-famous athlete John Parr, as well as returning team members from previous years.

Places were also won for the Youth national team, and they will travel to Bangkok for the IFMA Youth Championships in August.

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