One of the main goals of Muaythai is to use the power of sport to contribute to society and to make our communities a better place. Whether it is inside or outside the ring, the values of Muaythai, respect, honour, tradition, excellence and fairplay, are instilled in all participants and stakeholders.

One of the largest Muaythai clubs under the Swedish Muaythai Federation, Fighter MuayThai, a well-known gym in Sweden which has trained several well-known Swedish Muaythai superstars like Elina Nilsson and Alex Tobiasson Harris, recently collaborated on a project provide water, food, and the right essentials to support children from a local community in Cambodia.

Two current world-class athletes, Jens and Caroline, from the gym returned from recent a trip to Cambodia in which they collaborated with the Pack the Essentials program on behalf of Fighter MuayThai gym and were able to provide and pay for daily meals for the children for the following months and two special bio-sand water filtration systems. The two representatives were also able to use the money donated by Fighter MuayThai gym to provide bicycles which will allow the local children safer and faster trips to and from school.

It is truly an inspiration to see athletes, gyms and federations work together to contribute to different communities and to use the power of Muaythai to help stand up and provide for the basic things in the lives of those in need.