Meeting of IFMA and Macau Muaythai Federation on the Asian Muaythai Championships

This year Macau becomes the destination number one for Muaythai athletes and spectators in Asia as the Asian Muaythai Championships is coming to the “Las Vegas of Asia”.

Last week the President of the Macau Muaythai Association Mr. Wu Wei Kang and Secretary-General of the Macau Muaythai Federation Ms. Vera Chan arrived at the IFMA Headquarters to discuss the details of the Asian Championships which is scheduled for 4-12 December 2018.
Asian Muaythai Federation (FAMA) is one of five IFMA continental federations where Muaythai has a high number of practitioners and Asian athletes participate in many multisport games like Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games and Asian Beach Games. At the last Asian Beach Games 2016 in Danang, the IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach attended the finals of the Muaythai competition.
Asian Muaythai Championships will gather all the champions from the last year multisport games where they can fully immerse in 100% of Muaythai.