The last day of the Asian Beach Games Final was more than a success for the organisers of the ABG and the sport of Muaythai, as the stadium was packed to capacity to the point where a second VIP section had to be built to accommodate the many presidents of the NOCs, government representatives and so many sporting personalities. The event was live telecasted with various international press on hand.

The contest between the two neighbouring countries of Vietnam and Thailand will go down in the memory books of the Asian Beach Games for amazing fights, atmosphere and spirit of fairplay in and off the field of play amongst athletes and spectators alike. That is the spirit of sport!

The medals were spread between 18 countries, a success on its own with history being made with Singapore, Jordan, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon winning gold on this historical day.

Both presidents, the President of the Olympic Committee of Thailand, the President of the Vietnamese Olympic Committee and the two Deputy Prime Ministers were in the front row, watching the action, cheering their teams, congratulation each other.