Chairman of the Athletes Commission, Multiple World Champion, and Team Captain of Russia.

Artem Levin needs no introduction to the fighting world. Five times IFMA World Champion, multiple European Champion, and the true Ambassador for Muaythai in Russia. Levin is a fantastic sportsman, known for his skills in the ring but also for his sportsmanship and Fair Play has been voted as IFMA’s Commission Chairman.

Levin stated that it is an honour for him to be the captain of the Russian Federation team in his own home country, at the 2nd Edition of the SportAccord World Combat Games in St. Petersburg, Russia. Muaythai has played a major role in his life, its cultural heritage and fascinating techniques know as the art of limbs makes Muaythai one of the most exciting ring sports and fascinating martial art.

The pressure on everyone in the team with high expectations is enormous, the Russian team is well prepared both competitively and psychologically for such elite event which sees the best Muaythai athletes from all 5 continents.

Levin also added: “sometimes it comes down to having some luck in the draw, as we have to win 3 times to become the champion and so far at the quarter-final we already lost two Russians out of 11 bouts. Vakhitov, my dear friend, sent Belarusian superstar and World Champion home, which was a major success and motivational boost for the entire team. Everyone is looking forward to the semi-finals today! The Muaythai competition is drawing many spectators clearly showing that muaythai is gaining more and more popularity in Russia”.