Traditionally part of the Antalya Cup is the Youth Championship to showcase the future of Muaythai, a friendly competition and most important of all, making friends.
20 European countries again come together in this championship in which the culture part of Muaythai, its ancient values and traditions promoting culture understanding in a world so desperately looking for peace. The IFMA youth are true ambassadors that, regardless of gender or social differences, the power of sport unites. If you witness the Wai-Kru competition in which the youth honour their family, country, their own gym as well as the opponents is the true testimony that sport can make a difference.

Every youth events seen a full house which is a testimony of the popularity of Muaythai. IFMA will continue together with the Youth and Athletes commission in which they have a voice in the executive board to work together for the benefits of society and for the youth to return to their home country with newly made friends.