Bangkok has been awarded the 2018 FISU Muaythai University World Championships. Bangkok has hosted a very successful Muaythai University World Cup under patronage of FISU and has been praised for the combination of sport, education and cultural exchange.

IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that this is an extraordinary moment for Muaythai and the event will be in strict cooperation between the Thailand University Sports Board, the Royal Thai Government and IFMA. Traditions and value run deep within Muaythai and the center believe is to foster the talents of youth through sports. This creates positive influences and build the upcoming generations that will represent not only the future in Muaytha but in life. Muaythai emphasis lies in community engagement and IFMA will continue to use Muaythai to make a positive contribution in the society.

IFMA will do a strong build up to the game in all 5 continents in cooperation with FISU and the national University Sports Board and the national federations. Thank you to FISU for the trust, the recognition of Muaythai and Thailand will deliver an unforgettable games for the athletes and everyone involved.