2019 Marks the 55th anniversary of Judo as an Olympic sport. It has debuted in 1964 so there could be no better place, one year before the 2020 Olympics, as to celebrate it in Tokyo. Judo is coming home, literally. Judo has become one f the most recognisable sports in the world and the credit must go to the IJF President, Marius Vizer, who has been acknowledged at the gala with the IOC most prestigious trophies, the IOC President’s Trophy. An achievement for the Judo family. It was a night to remember where 6 decades of Olympic champions were honoured. Many VIPs were presented that night, with IOC represented by John Coates, GAISF and SportAccord by Raffaele Chiulli. Congratulations to Judo also on all the social work that Judo family is doing.