IFMA believes strongly in the notion of a unified front to support the healthy development of the sport on all levels; and over the last few years have initiated rigorous efforts to unify all muaythai groups within the IFMA member countries.

The unification processes have been endeavoured with the cooperation with the government sport authorities and National Olympic Committees, in order to fulfil the interests of IFMA and more importantly the athletes so that they all have the opportunity to compete at the highest possible level.

This has proved highly successful and IFMA now has over 70 countries which are recognised at the highest level in their respective countries. Italy has become the latest member to sign this important MOU unifying the two national federations in cooperation with the National Olympic Committee, the CONI.

The signing ceremony took place in Rome in the presence of the ARISF President Raffaele Chiulli the CONI representative Anna Riccardi, FIKBMS President Donato Milano, FIMT President Mauro Bassetti and IFMA Executive Board Member Davide Carlot.

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox stated “This cooperation was very important and its significance was truly highlighted by the presence of both the ARISF President and CONI representative at the signing ceremony.”

ARIFS President Raffaele Chiulli stated that IFMA is an important member in the IOC recognised sporting family and applauds IFMA’s initiatives to work for the overall sport development in each country.

Over 300 gyms will now work together in Italy to ensure a unified development for the sport which benefits IFMA’s most important assets, the youth and the athletes.

IFMA will continue its initiatives for unification in various countries and aims to have unified an additional six countries by the end of 2018.