The European Muaythai Federation (EMF) held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and elections during the 2023 European Senior Championships in Antalya. The meeting commenced with the formal opening of the Extraordinary General Assembly. A roll call followed, ensuring every member’s presence. The agenda was promptly adopted and the steward along with two scrutineers were nominated.

The assembly approved the minutes from the 2023 General Assembly, followed by a warm welcome from the IFMA President. A briefing about the upcoming events in 2024 and beyond was presented under the purview of IFMA. The IFMA General Secretary further addressed the assembly, leading the session towards the roll-out strategy for the OSM 2024.

Points of discussion regarding the Single Elimination (WMC) Events & Promotions for 2024 came up next, followed by the pivotal EMF Election 2023. Reports were presented regarding the Mediterranean Championships & Open Cup in Greece, the Senior European Championships in Turkey, and the Antalya Open Cup also in Turkey.

The interim election results declared Hasan Yildiz (Turkey) as the President and Davide Carlot (Italy) as the General Secretary. The Vice Presidents elected were Nadir Allouache (France), Ioannis Papadopulous (Greece), Dmitry Putilin (Russia), and Detlef Turnau (Germany). The newly elected Executive Board comprised Duran Ebren, Nicole Kaiser, Dejan Mitrovski, Petr Ottich, Annu Kuzmuk, and Karoly Dudok (Hungary). The final election results are pending due diligence screening and will be released by the IFMA Election Committee in 7-14 days.

The newly elected President, Hasan Yildiz, delivered a powerful speech reflecting on his impressive track record and outlining his ambitious plans for the future of European Muaythai. Yildiz’s history is deeply entrenched in the development of Muaythai, from organizing the Balkan Championships and European Muaythai Championship to supporting the First Kids and Youth World Muaythai Championship and European Muaythai League-EML Final. His vision and mission are centered on promoting widespread participation in the European Muaythai Federation, ensuring its continuous international presence, and fostering new project collaborations.

He shared a strategic plan that includes short, medium, and long-term programs, underpinning the importance of task allocation among the newly elected officials and the implementation of participatory corporate work principles. In the medium term, the focus will be on reviving Muaythai in less active countries, while the long-term plan aims at establishing a 4-year event calendar and the EMF-European Muaythai Federation Super League. The new President closed his speech by expressing gratitude for the support and affirming the importance of working together towards the federation’s common goals.