The Nordic Championships were organised from the 11th to the 13th of November 2022 in Pajulahti,  Finland,  after a break of 7 years.
Fighters, coaches and staff from Norway,  Sweden,  Denmark and Finland participated in the event. 
Pajulahti provided the ideal event location for the competition  meal hall, lecture rooms, accommodation and training as well as competition facilities are located right next to each other amidst Finnish prestine forest. Nikulahalli,  in which the ring was set up, has a tradition of being used for a diverse range of martial arts practices and competitions,  since it was build. It not only accommodates the ring, but also a tatami area for warm up and a weight lifting gym area. 
Pajulahti is located at the shores of a lovely lake and the lake sauna was heated up for the competition participants in the evenings.
Fights in the weight classes from senior female -45kg to -71kg, U23 female -54kg, and senior male -63.5kg to -91kg were were fought out on three days in a total of 20 fights. Sweden won gold 8x, Finland 5x and Norway 1x, Denmark 2x silver.
Eeva Pohto, Finland,  was selected as best female fighter, and Oliver-Mathias Kongsgård Hansen, Norway, as best male fighter.
All fighters displayed exceptional thaiboxing prowess, determination and heart. 
The referees of the competition represented Finland and Sweden. 
All results & scores are available on the IFMA Event System here: