Last weekend the Danish Muaythai Federation hosted this year’s Nordic Championship in cooperation with Copenhagen Muaythai.


For the first time the Nordic Championships were held over 2 days, so no fighter had to fight twice on one day, everything was done in true IFMA spirit, the fighters showed Honour, Excellence, Tradition, Respect and Fair play.


The event was held in a very cosy venue with half of the spectators seated in open-air, enjoying the last rays of the summer sun.


Besides the Nordic Championship fights, the event was spiced up with 2 international super fights one female and one male. In total there was a big equality in the sexes, especially Finland and Sweden who sent big delegations of female fighters. The female 51kg division had fighters from all countries besides Denmark, the finale was a very exciting fight won by Mirka Phetsangkhatfrom Finland.


To showcase Denmark’s future star athletes, the event included 2 junior fights one international match between Denmark and Germany, and the other featuring local boy Romeo Clausen in -33kg, who won his fight to great applause from the spectators.


The highlight fight of the event was between Danish Thomas Bossen and Swedish Rasmus Sundberg, both fighters showed beautiful clean muaythai skills and respect for each other, Thomas bossen won the fight and won the title as the Championships best Fighter. Sweden won the prize for the team with the most wins.