Another great event organised by Muaythai gym Crnomelj and the South-Eastern European Muay Thai federation. The sports hall in the town of Crnomelj was packed to the last seat.

The third season of the South-Eastern European regional Muaythai League kicked off  with 18 participating gyms from 8 countries of South-eastern Europe, becoming the strongest competition in this part of Europe. On Saturday we witnessed 12 great fights by young talents with two additional professional fights to close the show. The award for the best fighter was given to a member of the local gym, Leon Režek who showed some impressive skills.

The South-Eastern European Muaythai league made a succesful start to a new season, with the next round of the competition being organized in June in Serbian city of Novi Sad by Muaythai gym Vojvodina.

1st Round results:

-63,5 kgs junior:

Sebastjan Fabjan (Ultimat gym, SLO) vs. Zan Ograjensek (Warrior SLO) 0:3

Krystof Mares (Lanna Gym, CZE) vs. Vukašin Stupar (Mtg Vojvodina, SRB) 2:1

-71 kg, junior:

Andraz Zbogar (Scorpion gym, Nm) vs. Rok Tudja (Ultimat gym, Nm) 3:0

Jure Smole (No fear Trebnje) vs. Dusan Saponja (Vojvodina gym, SRB) 3:0

-81 kg, junior:

Dominko Jovanovic (Spartan gym, CRO) vs. Leon Rezek (Mtg Crnomelj) TKO , 2R

-60kgs female:

Koren Katarina (Khun Kao, Lj) vs. Ana Hudak (MTG Ptuj) 3:0



-67 kgs:

Niko Kocmut (Mtg Ptuj SLO) vs. Hamza Sivro (Warrior SLO) 3:0
Robert Hopp (Lanna gym CZE) vs. Zan Ajnik (Khun kao SLO) 2:1


-71 kgs:

Domen Nose (Ultimat gym SLO) vs. Cveto Župančič (Nak muay SLO) 0:3
Alan Stritof(No Fear SLO) vs. Ljuban Vidović (Mtg Vojvodina SRB) 3:0

-75 kgs:

Zijo Taranis (Ultimat gym SLO) vs. Mihovil Cuzic (Spartan gym, CRO) 0:3


Miha Zupancic (No Fear SLO) vs. Aleksander Bedrac (MTG Ptuj SLO) 2:1


Professional fights WMC/IFMA


Samo Petje (Mtg Ptuj SLO) vs. Ilija Miknewic (Lanna gym, CZE) 3:0


Do 81kg, člani:

Jure Cesar (Mtg Ptuj SLO) vs. Ondra Spilar (Lanna gym CZE) 3:0