Today the official two week countdown starts in the world of IFMA with teams from 5 continents preparing to travel to the beautiful city of Jonkoping which will be the capital of muaythai from May the 18th to the 28th.

Valentina Shevchenko, Chair of the Athletes’ Commission stated that all athletes are so excited, especially Pan-America, Africa and Oceania. It will be a long trip; many of them will come to Europe for the first time but the LOC and IFMA team have worked hard to ensure that the athletes are always at the heart of the IFMA family.

There will be 11 sports for the World Games 2017, so this will give the event an even bigger meaning as the journey will continue.

Daniel Norrgard, chairman of the organising committee said that the preparation is going well, the cooperation between the city, the LOC and IFMA have been exceptional, and from 18th of May it is the time for the athletes to shine.

IFMA President Dr. Tapsuwan stated that it is the first time that an IFMA world championships is held in Scandinavia and that everyone is excited about experiencing Swedish culture and hospitality.