An important coordination meeting took place in the IFMA President office where IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan, IFMA Secretary General Stephan Fox and the Local Organising Committee of the Youth World Championships discussed the upcoming event with key points given to the high level of competition that will be seen at the Muaythai championships.
Stephan Fox said that the event will see the additional Youth Wai Kru and Muay Boran competitions ensuring that the traditional aspects of the sport are preserved from the grassroots. Not to forget the important discipline of Muaythai – Muay Talay tournament will be oranised for the young participants to have a splash!!
Ms. Charissa Tynan said that in line with the IFMA social initiatives and philosophy that Sport as the power to unite and create a positive social change, the World Youth Conference will also take place as part of the event to instill in our young the roles and responsibilities they have as part of the Olympic Movement towards solidarity and Olympic Humanity.

To cap it all off, this year’s Closing & Awards Gala will take us to the fantastic and captivating stage and hall of the famous Siam Niramit show.