IFMA has officially opened registration for the Youth World Championships 2019, Antalya, Turkey marking the beginning of the biggest muaythai event in the world with more than 100 divisions for participants to take part in.
Over the 5 competition days the young muaythai talents will compete for the medals and awards. The opening ceremony will see all the colours of rich Turkish culture and will again unite the youth of the world under the values of Honour, Respect, Tradition, Fair Play, Excellence.

The official muaythai disciplines Muay Talay, Wai Kru and Muay Boran will be contested among the below and above 14 years divisions to highlight the deep history of the sport, and give so many muaythai practitioners a feeling of international competition besides the combat muaythai.

Standing among the top popular sports in Turkey muaythai will give a great sight for the local crowd to see future Buakaw’s, Kulebins and Shevchenko’s making their first appearances in the ring. September 29 Turkey will see teams from five continents marching at the opening ceremony to celebrate the beginning of another historical competition in the country where east meets west.