The World Games will be broadcasted in more countries than ever before. In addition to this, the Games can be watched around the clock on The Olympic Channel.

After the host country Poland, France has the biggest team of athletes taking part in The World Games. Altogether 193 French athletes/teams will compete in Wroclaw during the two weeks in the 31 sports of the Games. The World Games 2017 will be shown on a free-to-air TV channel in France: L’Equipe TV will distribute The World Games Channel 24/7 to 66 million French people from 20th to 30th July.

Other big TV markets that will watch The World Games include Russia (Match TV) and Japan (TBS) that will show the 24/7 channel as well. In Germany, the Games can be watched on SPORT1 and in China through several channels. In Africa, the 24/7 channel will run on the TV station Kweese that distributes the Games to more than 50 countries on the continent.

The Olympic Channel is 24-hour coverage so you won’t miss any muaythai action!

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