The registration for the world biggest muaythai tournament is now open with 100 countries expected to arrive in Bangkok to compete for the title of planet’s best athlete in different weight divisions.

Muaythai Is Coming Home is the theme of 2019 World Championships. The event will be held in honour of birthday celebration of His Majesty the King of Thailand and after Uzbekistan, Russia, Malaysia, Sweden, Belarus and Mexico, Thailand is honoured to bring the championships back to the motherland.


2018 has seen the biggest IFMA Youth World Championships in the history of muaythai with over 1500 attendees from over 90 countries. The IFMA Youth World Championships 2019 will be held beachside in beautiful Antalya, Turkey.
Muaythai under IFMA is proud recognised by the IOC included in the World Games, Combat Games, Asian Beach Games, FISU cluster programme and so many others. It showcases the popularity of muaythai and also the opportunity for the athletes to qualify at all these events to other multisports games within the Olympic family.



19-29 July the muaythai community will be a guest of one of the most hospitable countries of the world to show the diversity of muaythai from each part of the world.