After the successful United Through Sports initiative (UTS) and our Bangkok Sports Festival, it was time to officially thank the most important ingredient of the initiative and festival, the youth which made those four days so special. There was no better opportunity to give thanks than to do so in conjunction with the Olympic day to bring children from all walks of life together in diversity, respect, friendship and unity to celebrate the Olympic values, and above all for a day of fun.

The organiser of the event was IFMA, the venue was the Ambassador Hotel in Bangkok which hosted the 2015 AIMS Conference and the upcoming 2018 Youth World Championship. Over 200 children came together including the performers of Cheerleading and Gymnastics, members of the UTS vocal choir together with the children from the Muaythai disadvantaged Sport Is Your Gang projects around Thailand. There were also Muaythai youths who came to support the event and children from various embassies including some of the ambassadors who came to show their support and to participate. Many of the attendees trained for the first time and the Olympic day marked a great opportunity for people to try new sports.

IFMA President Dr. Tapsuan, together with CEO of United Through Sports Julia Govinden and IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan welcomed the youth before we got down to serious business with some of Thailand’s leading instructors of Muaythai. GAISF Vice President, AIMS President and General Secretary of IFMA Mr. Stephan Fox led the fun and captivating class of Muaythai for every body.

Some of the Thai children had prepared special performances for the visitors, performing the traditional elements of the sport and incorporating them into the modern world of muay-aerobics. After the fun-filled Muaythai session, more fun began with Muaytalay (water Muaythai) where the children enjoyed themselves in the swimming pool.

A beautiful lunch was served and joined by IOC member Khunying Pattama. Each child then received an Olympic day participation certificate and United Through Sports medal presented by Khunying herself, IFMA President Dr. Tapsuan and CEO of UTS Julia Govinden.

All children at the event received a Sport Is Your Gang t-shirt, and special awards were given to all instructors. Khunying stated “ I can only congratulate IFMA and United Through Sports for this wonderful initiative, not only promoting sport for all but especially for the ones who did not have the same fair start in life than others” Khunying went on to say “ With so many children present including high delegates from various embassies who brought their children to this event together with the youth from disadvantaged areas of Bangkok demonstrates clearly, the true meaning of the Olympic values”.

GAISF Vice President Stephan Fox announced that “The SportAccord convention 2018 has been without doubt one of the most memorable ones, and the success lies within these children. With all of them coming together reuniting to celebrate the Olympic day reminds us all of the Olympic humanity and they are an inspiration. This surely is a memorable day for all the children, as it is for all of us”.