Opening Ceremony of the Arab Muaythai Championships 2019

It was a full weekend of Muaythai in the UAE as Abu Dhabi held the Arab Muaythai Championships a month before Asian countries will arrive for the IFMA Asian Muaythai Championships 2019.

Delegations from 16 countries with a total of 100 athletes participated in the event setting a great standard for the upcoming World Games 2020 qualifier. Mubadala Arena was an amazing choice for the competition accommodating two rings and more than a thousand spectators. The world class live streaming on IFMA Media gave opportunity to the Muaythai followers from around the world to enjoy the competition and spend a weekend in the Muaythai mood.

At the Press Conference for the event Executive Director Mr. Tareq Almheiri was overwhelmed with questions about the event and especially the upcoming Asian Muaythai Championships. He said that the main aim of the event is to grow the sport in the Arab countries and get ready for the upcoming events. So many champions are getting ready for Abu Dhabi to win qualification points towards the World Games in Birmingham, USA.

Press Conference of the Arab Muaythai Championships 2019

With the Asian Muaythai Championships around the corner Abu Dhabi truly proved to be a great host for all Asian countries and to give another present to all spectators on the New Year’s eve.