It is half way until IFMA athletes will again experience emotions of one of the world biggest multi-sports events – The World Games.

Two years ago the Muaythai world was given an amazing opportunity to be an official part of the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. It was a debut for Muaythai athletes in the field of play organised by the International World Games Associations (IWGA). The world class athletes arrived to Poland to present to the World Games community the art and sport of Muaythai.


Taking place only once in four years The World Games is a unique and for some once in a lifetime opportunity to display skills and make history of IFMA and IWGA. Wroclaw gave a chance to so many outstanding athletes to shine and they truly gave back to the hosts with spectacular bouts and bright victories.


One of IFMA champions Igor Liubchenko (UKR) already made history in IFMA becoming an athletes qualifying for the second World Games in a row. After winning gold medal in Poland he can set another record winning the second gold in The World Games. 2021 will be a special year in Igor’s career.

Many other IFMA athletes are still covering the road to Birmingham gaining qualification points in IFMA events and proving their right for the spot in one of the official weight categories. A truly champion’s race with the aim to make the list of 2021 best Muaythai athletes. Getting there will take sacrifice, determination, exhaustion, nothing less than everything… . But the reward will be worth it.