Troy Jones is the first athlete from the United States in the sport of muaythai which has qualified for the World Games 2017 under patronage of the IOC. Troy is one of the leading personalities in muaythai in the United States just coming back from winning gold at the Pan American Muaythai Championships and wining gold in the IFMA World Championships at the IFMA Royal World Cup 2015. He understands that the World Games will bring together the elite of Muaythai with over 30,000 athletes from 130 countries participating in the qualification events, only 88 will make it to Wroclaw.
He stated that it is even a greater honour to fight in an IOC recognised multi-sport event in a sport which only just got recognised by the IOC on the 6th of December. He also stated that this will be the experience of a lifetime not only to be part of the elite of Muaythai but to be part of an event which brings the elite of so many sports together and especially as 2021 will see the World Games in Birmingham in the United States.american-takes-gold-at-worlds-1
Troy says that Muaythai in the United States is going from strong to stronger and the respect the athletes have for one another mixed with the cultural elements and the excitement in the ring gives it a spectator appeal like not many other sports.

Wroclaw, here comes the United States!