One happy family at the Youth Worlds this year,

The Curtain siblings from Australia won three medals at the IFMA Youth Worlds earlier this year, claiming two golds and a bronze medal.

Twins Emily and Sophie Curtain turned 16 during the tournament but didn’t let that excitement distract from their golden mission. Brother Bradley in the older division claimed  bronze adding to the family’s haul.

The siblings travelled to Bangkok with Muaythai Australia, consistently one of the largest youth teams and this year winner of Most Outstanding Team. As well as hard work behind the scenes from people like president Peter Boyd, the athletes travel with team mascot ‘Boris the Wombat’.

And the young Curtains enthusiasm for muaythai explains why all the adults involved are so dedicated.

Asked why she does muaythai, Sophie said: ‘I enjoy the friendships and experiences I’ve gained from doing the sport, I love the respect athletes have for each other and the Thai tradition and culture. I love that this sport isn’t for everyone, and that it requires the most discipline and commitment that most people don’t have. It isn’t for the faint hearted.

All of your hard work and sacrifice is worth it at the end when you get your hand raised. Nothing else can match that feeling.’

Stephan Fox IFMA congratulates the Curtains

Emily shares her work-ethic, saying: ‘The best thing I like about fighting is that once we get our hand raised we know that all the hard work we have put in for four to six weeks prior to the fight has paid off.’

The siblings have trained at Saam Muay Thai Gym in New South Wales, for five years. Sophie has competed 19 times, Emily 16 and Bradley 13 so far.

Bradley said: ‘I believe being a part of such a big team is a great way to learn. Being able to gain knowledge from other athletes more experienced than you is an amazing part of being in the Australian team.’

Emily sees other advantages too, saying: ‘They’re always there to help you whether it is holding pads for you, helping you cut weight or preparing you for your fight, but because it is such a big team there are so many new people and you make new friends and these people become really close with you.’

Youth muaythai team Australia Photo LordK2 for IFMA

The siblings are already looking ahead to representing Australia at adult level including maybe The World Games 2021 in Alabama.

Sophie said: ‘Being a part of the Australian team is an honour and not a lot of people get to represent their country, so I would make sure I took every opportunity to not only participate in an international competition but to represent my country and do it proud, no matter the outcome!’

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