2019 marked the beginning of the qualification for The World Games 2021, Birmingham, Alabama. Best Muaythai athletes are rivaling for the valuable points which will grant them a spot in the games.
The race started with the Arafura Games, Darwin, Australia which was the only direct qualifier for the Games and brought so many international athletes stiving to be the first to put their names in the World Games roster. Igor Liubchenko (63.5kg) wrote history of Ukraine and IFMA becoming the first Muaythai athlete in the World Games qualifying for the second consecutive Games after he triumphed in Wroclaw in 2017.
Almaz Sarsembekov (KAZ) and Vladislav Mykytas (UKR) qualified for the Games in 57 kg after bright performance in the final. Anaelle Angerville (FRA) showed inhuman power in 57 kg division disappointing the local crowd winning the Australian Rebecca Rooney. The Australian prodigy Zoe Putorak (63,5 kg) who just turned 20 made it up for Rebecca winning gold at her home event and winning gold at the World Championships few months later in Bangkok. Zoe is the one to follow in the build up towards The World Games 2021. Pia Salgado will be joining Zoe in Birmingham after she won gold medal at the continental qualifiers.
World Muaythai Championships 2019 took over the relay of the qualification events with record number of participants registering. IFMA gathered the biggest names of the modern Muaythai in Bangkok who would not miss a single opportunity to gain the maximum points towards the World Games qualification.



The upcoming European Championships 3-11 November, Minsk Belarus, and the Asian Championships 16-21 December will continue the chase after the qualification points for the World Games which is an event not to miss for any athlete.