2808 Germany 11 years old Wai Khru w Uzbek Kevin Papst
Uzbekistan and Germany have a Wai Khru war before they fight!

Seventy-six matches, a record number for the Youth World Championships and eight hours of fantastic performances to the capacity crowd at the 2016 IFMA Youth World Championships.

It was the smallest of the smallest which produced amazing fights, standing ovations, Wai Kru performances which warmed the hearts of the audiences and demonstrated that the sport and art of Muaythai is safe.

The contest in the 10-11 year old division between Oscar Cambiaghi of Italy vs Ranaden Ondash of Lebanon, was one of the most skillful contests of the event so far with both athletes showing skills far beyond their age and outstanding sportsmanship, which made them celebrities of the day. It was Lebanon who won by a 1-point decision, but both athletes were champions in their hearts!

2808 Ukraine Ivanets Viktoriia game face
Ukraine ready for battle!

Germany, Australia, Thailand, USA, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Moldova, Turkey, Italy, Vietnam, Peru, Israel, Brazil, Portugal, Canada, all booked their place in the semi-finals, guaranteeing them medals with many outstanding contests coming up.

The event has been embraced by all media stations in Thailand for the outstanding fair-play between all the teams and the young athletes. This is more than just a competition, it is a festival of sporting and cultural exchange!

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